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16" SKiM360 Assorted 4 Pack

16" SKiM360 Assorted 4 Pack

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16 Inch "SKiM360 Floater" Assorted 4 PACK 

All 3 of our Net Options are included in this Assortment Pack

2 Units - Standard Daily Use Black Nylon Net
1 Unit - Fine Mesh Silt/Pollen White Nylon Net
1 Unit - Large Opening Leaf Net Black Polyester
4 Units - 5.75" Float/Rod Assembly

FINALLY... Anyone Can SKiM like a Pro!

(Upper Body Strength OPTIONAL)

The "SKiM360 Floater" allows for 360° rotational and directional control on the water surface with ZERO weight of the pole and skimmer. It Stays at the water line regardless of direction of travel.

The result?

Fast, effortless and efficient removal of floating debris for everyone! Go any direction, any time and at any speed of travel... with Zero Pole Weight!  

Anyone can do it... From Water Safe Teens to Senior Citizens

Also Available in 16 inch and 18 inch sizes and with:

Our Standard Daily Use and Leaf Net Options for those seasonal needs.



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