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Conventional pool cleaning devices all involve manual labor, which can be strenuous, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient. Automated pool cleaning systems are great but have limitations. Robotic surface cleaners, due to random travel patterns, weak batteries or lack of sun for solar power take hours to get debris collected, if at all. This ultimately results in the need to manually skim the surface quickly just prior to the pool’s use.


Skimming devices like flat shallow net skimmers and deeper bagged leaf rakes are used to skim debris floating on the surface of swimming pools, ponds, and other water bodies. Manual surface skimming requires extreme effort to keep the skimmer collection net centered at the waterline while moving in different directions. The weight of the pole and skimmer when extended outward quickly becomes difficult for other than very strong operators and professional pool cleaning personnel. Skimming in-ground pools is difficult enough, but above ground pools have a unique issue due to their sidewalls being as high as 54 inches and present a unique challenge in trying to hold the pool pole extended over the edge from on the ground outside the pool perimeter or reaching the entire surface from the entry ladder or partial decking. Skimming is a cumbersome and time-consuming task for all types of pools and is often neglected by the pool owner between weekly professional or homeowner cleanings. Not keeping the pool clean causes unhealthy and often non swimmable conditions. Professional pool cleaning personnel who often clean 15-20 pools a day, deal with the same issues that over time often results in fatigue and injury.

Currently there is no manual pool skimmer that can be maneuvered in any direction at any moment without dealing with the weight of the pole and skimmer especially when extended many feet out from the operator. Whether pushing the skimmer away from the operator towards the far side of the pool, moving laterally towards the left or right at any moment at any angle or flipping it 180 degrees when bringing the skimmer back towards the operator, the frame and net need to rotate to accommodate the movement.


Conventional pool cleaning apparatuses do not allow easy maneuverability of the mesh net over the surface of the water and thus debris collection is not efficiently done, if done at all. Additionally, the longer the length of the pole, the heavier it gets - making it more difficult for cleaners to effectively and quickly clean the surface of the water. Conventional pool cleaning apparatuses fail to provide any kind of float assisted 360° rotational movement of the pool cleaning apparatuses to facilitate effective pool cleaning.

When developing the SKiM360 Floater, one of the key technical challenges was to maintain stability and control of a float assembly and attached frame for effective debris collection. Another challenge was to design the apparatus and the attached float in a way that allows for smooth and controlled 360° rotational movement. The product needed to be capable of efficiently collecting all surface debris and debris floating below the surface, while reducing the effort involved for pool cleaning and enhancing the overall pool maintenance experience.

SKiM360 Floater's 16" and 18" round shape ended up as the perfect solution. It allows the same 16"-18" width and 8"-9" depth in the water, regardless of its direction of travel.

  • Other SKiM360 Floater shapes and sizes are now in development.